PAULA paulas-sweet-creations




It was 2018 of December, Paula Bilaro, owner of Paula’s Sweet Creations made her dream baking business a reality. For years, she has been in culinary arts and doing an amazing job in preparing and cooking food for her family and friends. Her willingness to learn new techniques and recipes ignited her passion in baking. She attended few trainings and classes in baking which shaped her skills further to what she is today.

Her best-selling products are banana loaf and leche flan. Her neighbors and regular customers orders leche flan in bulk during special occasions, weekend gatherings and on a regular basis. Her leche flan is smooth in texture, creamy and not-too-sweet which suites the taste of both adults and kids. The toasted caramel sauce adds additional depth to its flavor. Another crowd favorite is her banana loaf. The moment you enter her kitchen, and just about time that these loaves are ready to be pulled out from the oven, you can already smell the aroma of banana and cinnamon. The smell instantly draws you to grab-a-bite of Paula’s Sweet Creations.


A mother of two, and a wife of an OFW, Paula has started to fulfill her dreams with the support from her family. Her inspiration and motivation to succeed in this business has made her persistent in achieving her family’s dreams.